Galeria Kordegarda, Warsaw (PL), 2008

Installation with murals and work on paper, 2008
various dimensions

photo credit: Jacek Gladyskowski

Exhibition view with Mouvement Heroique, Van Doesburg, 2008 

photo credit: Jacek Gladyskowski

Works on paper, 2008

photo credit: Jacek Gladyskowski

Exhibition view with mural of portrait King Sigismund II August, 2008

photo credit: Jacek Gladyskowski


The introduction of existing paintings, literature and (historic) personae within my work has an important role: it helps me to deepen the understanding of my field of interest across borders, genres and time lines. Like a ‘spiritual medium’ I recall ghosts from the past (who would have otherwise never met) and (re-)open the discussion in a contemporary setting.

Preceding the exhibition Salon, at Galeria Kordegarda1, Warsaw, I made three trips to the city to collect material and impressions, visiting the historic centre, graveyards, gardens, castles and the National Museum. Apart from a series of watercolours and prints made after photo’s I took during these trips, I introduced the figure of King Sigismund II August, whose tragic love-life is depicted in the famous painting Death of Barbara Radziwillowna, by painting a more than life-size mural portrait of him.

Encountering a lot of heroic public sculptures in the city, I initially wanted to paint a large-scale heroic mural, but decided on a Dutch “relational gift” instead: A painted replica of the rather introspective 1916 Van Doesburg painting Mouvement Heroique.

By confronting my existing work with the works especially made for the Warsaw context, I wanted to initiate new meanings and connections that would transcend categorization in order to show a nonlinear coexistence of viewpoints.

Invitation (PDF)

Text Magda Kardasz, curator (PDF)