So Far, So Good


Globos Sonda/Trial Balloons, MUSAC, Léon (ES), 2006

So Far, So Good, 2006

wall painting
4 walls of 10m x 6m

photo credit: MUSAC

Trial Balloons, catalogue project.

Each artist designed a double-spread page, 2006


Set at the entrance space of the exhibition, and given the fact that Trial Balloons was mainly constructed as a ‘parcours’, the mural So Far So Good functioned as a kind of inauguration in an almost religious sense. With this mega-mural I wanted to stretch the notion of what painting could mean to me; a performative act that tested the limits of my physical possibilities, to strive for the immersive forces reminiscent of a baroque church, to lure the viewer into having an experience of megalomanic proportions. So Far So Good is the mural where my quest for the exotic as I had pursued it so far, culminated, and therefore it also represented a turning-point.